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Melora™ originated from the Latin word Mel (“Honey”) and Ora (“Healing and Health in Maori”) hence Melora™ is one of New Zealand’s finest UMF® Manuka Honey Brands meaning “Providing health with healing honey”.

During the past decade there has been a revival in the use of honey as a healing product for both internal and externally related conditions.  Honeys ancient and traditional healing uses range from sore throats, stomach conditions to mild and recently more serious skin conditions.
All of Melora™ Manuka Honeys are certified by independent Laboratories to ensure that the stated level of NPA (Non Peroxide activity) is true to label.

Directions for Use:
For Internal Use – take 1 teaspoon up to 4 times a day or as desired to support the natural healing and immune defense of the body.

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