My Health 100% Pure Australian Honeycomb 400g


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Please note:  This product weighs varies in weight between approx 390-410g including packaging.

  • Honeycomb normally contains more nutrients such as vitamin, propolis and bee pollen compared to regular honeys, because it takes one less process to produce honeycomb to hold the goodness of it while keeping its shape.
  • My Health Australian Honeycombs are fully sourced from pollution free, remote areas of Australia.
  • Honeys are traditionally consumed as a natural medicine for digestion, reflux and various types of stomach aches.
  • Also have been used to boost energy, enhance stamina and improve immune system.
  • Unique aroma and taste of Australian honey.

100% Pure Australian Honeycomb

Cut desired amount of honeycomb and consume directly or add into food or tea.

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